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New Initiative....


The web’s first on-line Productivity Calculators specifically configured for manufacturing companies.


Give your business an instant “health check” now. Input your data into one of our productivity calculators and print off a one-page management report which may tell you more about your business than you presently know!

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Discover Productivity Limited works in partnership with manufacturing companies to improve productivity levels, reduce costs and optimise value.




Our approach is analytical. We don’t just talk about productivity improvement, we provide you with the analyses based on factual data and see the project through to conclusion.

In a relationship-based dialogue with client collaboration, we will determine realistic, cost effective and practical solutions that can be implemented and measured.


We only partner with manufacturing companies because this is the area of our expertise and hands-on experience. We don’t dabble in disparate businesses.


The current economic climate is forcing manufacturing companies to constantly evaluate their operational performance. The need to reduce costs, improve competitiveness and increase revenue is fundamental for survival. Productivity improvement is major gateway that can make a large contribution to achieve these objectives.


As our company name suggests, we want manufacturers to discover what productivity is and how it can benefit them. Businesses can be original equipment manufacturers or subcontractors, the same principles apply.


Productivity is a word widely used and recognised throughout the business community but not fully understood by many. To provide an insight, we have launched our free-to-use Productivity Calculators (see New Initiative) where you will see what goes into the calculation, and the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that are output. These can be used to kick start productivity improvement projects, strategy planning and for budgetary use. Of immediate concern would be the wasted hours and associated cost. This will form much of the basis of an improvement initiative.



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